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The MUTRAH label blends contemporary jewelry design with a distinctive touch of bohemian chic. Inspired by tribal African culture and ancient Egyptian jewelry, these progressive patterns are an eclectic mix of authenticity and innovation. MUTRAH jewelry is all hand-made, created from industrial mechanical brass, colorful neon dyed strings and leather, which are carefully crafted with great attention to detail and quality.
The contrast between the modern and harsh brass and the traditional hand crafted techniques, gives the jewelry a unique presence, that stands out among other bijoux.
The Designers Mor Aldaag and Gani Bar-Lev are the two young Israeli designers behind the MUTRAH label. They come from the world of fine arts and spent several years studying traditional art forms in Thelma Yellin School of Arts before starting their path as jewelry designers. Today they are the chief designers of MUTRAH, and are based in Tel-Aviv, Israel.

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